The Best Hotels in Spain

A vacation in Spain is not complete without enjoying a memorable stay in one of their 5-star hotels.  So in this article, we have listed the best hotels for tourists who desire for a wonderful vacation in Spain.

Lani’s Suites de Luxe

 Lani’s Suites de Luxe is somewhat more like Greek setting than Spanish with white painted buildings and lawns fronting the dark blue ocean. It offers fine dining, exquisite cuisine, and 5-star accommodation. While it is quite expensive, it will give you the most memorable vacation you can ever experience in Spain. We recommend this hotel if you prefer relaxing with your family on the beach side instead of sightseeing iconic landmarks around the city.

Royal Hideaway Corales Suites

If you prefer a cavernous James Bond-type setting, you will love the Royal Hideaway Corales Suites. Located at the back of La Caleta fishing village, this all-suite hotel is the go-to destination for couples and families with modern accommodation with a stunning view of the ocean front. The rooms feature a contemporary design with fully equipped kitchens. You’d be surprised with the monster terraces and scenic ocean views, many with private pools. You’ve got to check out this hotel!

Soho House Barcelona

Oh yes! If you want to get a feel of Barcelona with all those floral decorations, brick walls, and rustic interior, Soho House will give you just that. This hotel will let you enjoy a bewitching rooftop and Cowshed spa where you can relax. This house is a fusion of Spanish and English design so you would notice the beautiful contrast between the printed curtains and white-walled rooms. We just love how this hotel kept us warm and entertained throughout our Spain vacation!

Casa del Poeta

This hotel is somewhat more unique than many other hotels in Spain. Talk about a fusion of minimalist yet dreamy setting. The yellowish lights and nightly live guitar performances. Casa del Poeta will never make you feel homesick. What will surprise you is that it is actually a 17th-century mansion turned into a beautiful hotel down a tiny alley in Santa Cruz. This is your place if you want to catch some beautiful views of the cathedral. 

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Top Tourist Attractions in St. Petersburg

If you’ve only visited Moscow, you are missing half of your life. There is a lot more to see in Russia such as St. Petersburg, a fascinating city with sweeping tourists attractions. St. Petersburg will welcome you with a rich culture, mesmerizing arts, ancient architecture, and mouth-watering Russian cuisine.

Contrary to popular belief, Russia actually has a very low rate of petty crimes. So forget all the prejudice and visit this city.

State Heritage Museum

A popular museum in Russia, the State Hermitage Museum features over three million collections with 360 rooms. Upon arrival to St. Petersburg, you can head straight to the museum and learn more about the Russian history.

Grand Palace 

Although not as huge as a typical palace, the Grand Palace boasts more than 30 rooms. The Chesme Hall Picture Hall, and Peter’s Study are just a couple of things you need to see inside. The Grand Palace is usually open from June to September for foreign tourists.

Lower Park 

A free tour to the Lower Park of Peterhof is a great way to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. The place is quite crowded with tourists and locals even during ordinary days but if you’re ready to brave the crowd, you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring view of gilded fountains, statue-lined lanes, and charming canals.

 Russian Museum 

If you want to understand Russian art and culture, you should visit the Russian Museum. Unlike other museums in the city, the Russian Museum mainly focuses on Russian Art. It feature century-old paintings by popular Russian artists like Alexander Ivanov, Kazimir Malevich, Natalya Goncharova, and Kuzma Pe.

Mariinsky Theater

The Mariinsky Theater does not just boast a lovely façade.  It also hosts beautiful live ballet performance and opera, which you can watch during the summer. You can purchase tickets online or book in advance to reserve a seat.

The New Holland 

The New Holland is a historic triangular island in Russia. It was originally designed to protect the mainland from water-based invaders. Now, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions with casual concerts, art exhibitions, and yoga classes. Since it is a public place, it is free to go here and take pictures of the scenic greenery, landscape, and unique architecture of the neighboring buildings.

Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood 

This iconic church in St. Petersburg is more than just an onion-shaped dome.  It was built after Alexander II which marks the end of slavery in Russian history. Aside from the church’s unique architecture, it is one of the most artistic churches in the world that features Orthodox exterior and interior decorated with 7000 square meters of mosaics.

 To summarize, St. Petersburg is definitely a great place to visit. Take your Russian tour to another level by visiting this colorful, vibrant city.

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Interesting Things to See in Panama City

Panama is the capital city of a country, for Pete’s sake and it’s the economic center for the Latin American market as well as a preferred international retired life spot for North Americans. Factor sufficient we would certainly claim, to list that one initially in the search engine result.

Panama Canal

Without an exemption, each of our visitors has listed the Panama Canal as something they definitely had to see while they remained in Panama. It’s basic to see the Canal, yet you need to pay admission to see the locks.

Panama Viejo

Many of the travelers do not endeavor to this part of Panama’s capital, which is a pity due to the fact that these ruins are delightful. Panamá Viejo, additionally called Panamá la Vieja, was the original Panama City. It has the distinction of being the ancient European settlement in the New World’s Pacific coast.

Casco Viejo, a.k.a. Casco Antiguo

As opposed to rebuilding, the survivors carefully transferred to a little, more defensible position at the foot of Ancon Hill. Their new settlement has actually made it through to this day as well as is now known as Casco Viejo (Old Town). It is the “Historical District” component of the Globe Heritage website.

Parque Natural Metropolitano

Panama City is the only metropolis worldwide with a rain forest within its city limits. Metropolitan Natural Park is a 654-acre all-natural park and also much of it is unblemished. The park has a little nature facility, plus three or 4 major trails, all of which are well preserved and also wind easily with the tropical rainforest.

Amador Causeway

Have you ever wondered what happened to all the dirt and also a rock that was eliminated when they created the Panama Canal? Well, it was unloaded right into the Pacific Ocean, just outside the canal’s entrance. All that dirt developed 4 tiny islands, Naos, Culebra, Perico, and also Flamenco.


Designed by Frank Gehry, the Biodiversity Museum is the greatest piece of eye sweet on Amador. Biomuseo has eight galleries and a biodiversity park composed of the country’s indigenous plants. A jumbled stack of multihued aircraft and angles, the popular designer offered the style to Panama at no cost– even if his spouse is Panamanian. Now that’s love!

Cinta Costera

Panama City may not have a coastline, however, its beautiful stretch of the beachfront park makes up for it. If you want fresh air and workout, head to Cinta Costera. Bordered by contemporary as well as expensive highrises, this bow of parkland has a marina and it allows enough to host city-wide events.

Mercado de Mariscos

If you want a wonderful way to see what is readily available in a nation then, visit regional markets and examine the option readily available. 


This isn’t a lot a place as an experience. If you take pleasure in religious events, Panama City has a huge one in the week leading up to Lent. Carnival resembles Mardi Gras; it’s the antithesis of the Catholic Lenten period because it’s full of partying, drinking, dancing, eating and the like.

Ancon Hill

Understood in Spanish as Cerro Ancón, this forested, 654-foot-high hill shows up from almost everywhere in Panama City. Ancon Hill was under the UNITED STATE canal territory up until 1977 as it housed the management for the Panama Canal. You can hike up the hill in a half-hour or, with the time restraints we had, drive mostly all the way up in 5 minutes. No cars are allowed on the top, so you’ll need to trek the last bit.


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5 Handy Tips When Visiting Cozumel

Cozumel is an extremely beautiful island situated just 30mins off the shore of Rivera Maya. The islands in Cozumel have some of the best diving spots and snorkeling in the whole Caribbean. In addition, there are various things to do and see on the land. We have organized some helpful tips to help you have a wonderful vacation in the islands. Here are some major tips to keep in mind.

Use the ferry

Cozumel is an island, that is to say; asides from flying in and out by an airplane, the only option to reach the island is by a ferry. Either you are coming or going, try to make sure you are familiar with when the last ferry sails so you won’t miss the boat. The last ferry from Playa del Carmen leaves for Cozumel at 11 pm and at 10 pm from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen.

Ensure you learn about the traffic signs

If you want to rent a car, then you need to read this carefully. Traffic signs in Cozumel aren’t totally tourist friendly. Most are in Spanish, and they may be very different than what you see regularly. However, you don’t have to panic, you can ask the locals or the car rental shop for information and advice.  We went with friends from Chandler Arizona (celebrating 10 years in business with Chandler Painting Pros) and we clearly didn’t know where we were going or how to drive very well. 

Be money-wise

when you are making purchases in huge amounts in Cozumel, it is best to pay in pesos. There are several ways of exchanging your dollars to pesos, and the most economic and simplest way to do this is to withdraw from the ATM at any bank, instead of those ones on the streets. You’ll get the best exchange rate this way.

Best places to take a swim

There are so many options for taking a swim or going snorkeling. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you swim at the South side of the island because the currents on the Northern side are much stronger and not safe for swimming.

Have some fun and enjoy the Caribbean

Relax, relax and relax! You are in Cozumel for vacation; all you have to do is ease off the stress of the big cities, the everyday traffic, and all the noises. Enjoy the experience and change of pace, be yourself, have fun!

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Things to See and Do in Greece

Truly, the Greeks hold their indigenous foods dearly to their heart. They find joy in eating, and feeding others is always on their mind. Greece is the best place to go if you don’t ever want to know what hunger feels like. The Greeks eat at least four times daily as opposed to the conventional British and American three square meals.

If you are thinking of going to Greece for a vacation and you are a lover of amazing delicacies, I’m happy to let you know you are going to have the time of your life there. Here are some Greece delicacies you MUST try when you visit there.


This is one of the most renowned meals you will find in Greece. It comprises of layers of aubergine, meat, and minced potatoes; which is topped with a creamy béchamel sauce, baked until it turns golden brown. You can also get the vegetarian version in some restaurants.


This is another national dish in Greece but not well-known internationally. This white bean soup is made with beans, vegetables (onions, celery, and carrots) and crushed tomatoes.


When you wake up in the morning, take a walk around the big cities in Greece like Thessaloniki or Athens, and you’ll find numerous locals filling their tummies with this large succulent bread rings.


Both kids and adults love this meal. They are fried doughnut-shaped balls soaked in honey syrup with different toppings like cinnamon and crushed walnuts.


These are eaten as sidings of the main meal, and they are grape or vine leaves usually stuffed with lemony, herby rice and then folded over to form a parcel; followed by steaming. Some are filled with vegetables or meat.


This is a bit like the popular kebab. Gyro is typically a Greek sandwich consisting of pieces of meat and then wrapped in pita or a flatbread, also with onions, salad, and other sauces.

We hope this list has watered your mouth enough. Now, go pack your things and get ready to fill your tummy with all of these foods when you get to Greece.

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Places You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting France

When you think of France you think of romance, the Eiffel Tower, fashion, sophisticated cuisine, wine and art.  So when making your way through Europe you have to stop in France.

This is a trip the whole family can enjoy as there are a variety of things to see and do.  Here are some top must see attractions.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the most recognized tourist attraction in the world.  Visitors from all over come to see this massive wrought iron lattice tower built by Gustave Eiffel.

The Eiffel Tower is fun for all ages.  There are many shops, vendors and restaurants to enjoy.  You must experience the elevator ride to the top overlooking the beautiful city of Paris.  This is a great photo opportunity. You will also want to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated at night as this is a stunning sight.  

Notre Dame Cathedral

This famous cathedral is one of the most the prominent and oldest in France. It is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the world.

The architecture of the cathedral is amazing.  With the gorgeous stained glass windows, statues and the rich history this is something you must experience in your lifetime.  Be sure to be respectful of the people during mass as this is still a functioning church.

Free to get in but donations are appreciated.  You can’t leave Paris without getting a picture of this beautiful cathedral.  

The Louvre

You can’t leave France without visiting one of the most famous art museums in the world.  

The Louvre, located on the Right Bank of the Seine,  is a massive art museum with over 38,000 objects. You could spend days visiting the Louvre and still not see everything.  It is best to plan your day and get there early so you can see the top attractions like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

Enjoy strolling around the outside and appreciate the architect of this massive museum.. It is definitely worth coming back at night. Seeing the glass pyramid in the main courtyard illuminated at night is a vision of beauty.  This is a place you must add to your itinerary.



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Splash in the Cool Waters of Pristine Puerto Rico

This Caribbean island is situated next to the Dominican Republic and towards the western side of the Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico’s location is critical to the shipping community as it lies on the shipping lane which leads to the Panama Canal.

Its most significant assets are its exquisite beaches such as the mostly undiscovered beaches of Isabella and Aguadilla, particularly for kite boarding and windsurfing. Certainly, Rincon is the perfect spot for windsurfing in Puerto Rico. Tour Puerto Rico if you want to experience tranquil, natural beaches perfect for this kind of active pursuit.


Wait a minute – perhaps Puerto Rico’s best asset is its food. There is a large local type of cuisines which you will surely try during your visit. The food here is the most different among all the Caribbean islands. La Bombonera one of the oldest establishments in the city where you can try mofongo. It is the unofficial namesake of Puerto Rican cuisine and for a good reason. It is a combination of mashed plantains and seasonings to which you add any fillings such as steak, shrimp, fish, or various vegetarian choices. Old San Juan

In Old San Juan, the most recognizable sight is the Castle Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro. The foundation of the fort began in 1539 at the entry to the bay of San Juan and was completed only in 1589. Essentially, the fort was used for the protection of the harbor of San Juan. Till the Second World War, El Moro remained a substantial military base for a long time before an American military bunker was built. Eventually, the castle and its surroundings were declared a World Heritage Site and a National Park.

The National Reserve of El Yunque

It is also known as ‘The Anvil’. It is one of the largest resources of tropical forests, protecting intact ancient nature of Puerto Rico. The sanctuary is located in a two-hour drive from San Juan. While on this reserve, hike through the rainforest trails; advance to the waterfall and relax in the pristine nature.


North-west of Puerto Rico is where this little coral island that extends 1 mile in length is situated. Tourists are attracted to the beaches of the island, especially the Flamenco Beach. The clear water with a blue tint washes the white sandy beaches forming an image of a tropical utopia. The primary attraction of the island is Playa Tortuga, named after the sea turtles that use its sands for laying their eggs.

Rio Camuy Caves are the most famous caves in Puerto Rico. They are the third cave system in the world and have some of the largest cave systems of the Western Hemisphere. These caves are situated in Camuy Park, and where they also offer weekly night tours. The park is outfitted with picnic areas, walking trails, tourist locomotive, and a gift shop.

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