Things to See and Do in Greece

Truly, the Greeks hold their indigenous foods dearly to their heart. They find joy in eating, and feeding others is always on their mind. Greece is the best place to go if you don’t ever want to know what hunger feels like. The Greeks eat at least four times daily as opposed to the conventional British and American three square meals.

If you are thinking of going to Greece for a vacation and you are a lover of amazing delicacies, I’m happy to let you know you are going to have the time of your life there. Here are some Greece delicacies you MUST try when you visit there.


This is one of the most renowned meals you will find in Greece. It comprises of layers of aubergine, meat, and minced potatoes; which is topped with a creamy béchamel sauce, baked until it turns golden brown. You can also get the vegetarian version in some restaurants.


This is another national dish in Greece but not well-known internationally. This white bean soup is made with beans, vegetables (onions, celery, and carrots) and crushed tomatoes.


When you wake up in the morning, take a walk around the big cities in Greece like Thessaloniki or Athens, and you’ll find numerous locals filling their tummies with this large succulent bread rings.


Both kids and adults love this meal. They are fried doughnut-shaped balls soaked in honey syrup with different toppings like cinnamon and crushed walnuts.


These are eaten as sidings of the main meal, and they are grape or vine leaves usually stuffed with lemony, herby rice and then folded over to form a parcel; followed by steaming. Some are filled with vegetables or meat.


This is a bit like the popular kebab. Gyro is typically a Greek sandwich consisting of pieces of meat and then wrapped in pita or a flatbread, also with onions, salad, and other sauces.

We hope this list has watered your mouth enough. Now, go pack your things and get ready to fill your tummy with all of these foods when you get to Greece.