Visiting the wonderful country of Romania

There are such huge numbers of reasons to visit Romania – yet most travelers have no clue about where to begin! Many people who want to travel don’t think of Romania first but it is actually a nice place to visit. 

So if you want to tour in a country that is totally unique and with lots of fun to do then let’s go to Romania! Are you ready? Since we are just about to give a virtual tour in this beautiful country, you need to sit back and relax and as we enjoy the ride.

Visit Count Dracula’s Castle

Many of you probably don’t know but Dracula has been fictionally living in Romania. Fortunately, you can book a guided tour to see the Bran Castle where Count Dracula is portrayed in movies to be living. Previously, Transylvanian castle was really a significant medieval fortification and home to Romania’s Queen Mary.

Visit the Peles Castle

If Bran Castle wasn’t sufficient for you, consider adding Peleș Castle to your bucket list Arranged at the base of the Carpathian Mountains in the beguiling retreat of Sinaia (1h30 min drive from Bucharest), Peleș Castle was built in the late 19th century as a vacation place for the Romanian royalty.

The German character is quite obvious in the Peles Castle through the lovely stained glass windows. However, even at present the castle is very well-maintained. In fact, it features modern amenities like floor heating, air conditioned rooms and many more.

Visit the Black Church

If you’re visiting the Bran Castle, then a stop in Brasov’s Old Town is definitely a must. It is a popular tourist destination in Romania because of its darling medieval streets and architecture. The most iconic landmark in this place is the Black Church, a clear remembrance of the medieval German-Saxon architecture. 

Visit the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu

Another mainstream vacation destination in Transylvania is Brukenthal National Museum situated in the well known Romanian city of Sibiu. This medieval-styled city has an energetic social scene, so Sibiu contends with Brasov for the ‘most lovely city in Romania’ title. That is the reason you should visit both and cast your vote – they are just 2 hours separated however the choice on where to remain is extremely hard in any event, for me… except if you can do both!

There are just a lot of things to do in Romania. Well, we hope that you love our virtual tour today. See in the next post!